digital strategy.

Confused about what digital strategy is and how to actually develop one? We'll help define and develop a digital strategy for your brand and ensure that your strategy follows structure, people, and an idea.


Here at The Digital Bubble, we follow a methodology in developing a strong digital strategy.

We'll take stock of all aspects of your brand and break this information down by the customer segmentation for your brand that provides value. We'll also measure your brand’s social footprint, influence, perception, virality and resonance. Once we’ve assessed your brand’s current equity, we'll segment your target customers.

It’s then time to formulate your message, brand stories are what drive interactions with your customers. What story will you tell your target customers? Why will they care about this? And what emotions will your story evoke? 

More importantly we will define how your brand story connects to the emotional needs of your target customer and incites action.

We'll help you decide what platforms and technologies to leverage in your digital strategy. Because technologies and social networks you utilise to reach your target customers will vary, as your target consumer base varies, it's important to choose the platforms and technologies that will help you grow and expand. We will define how your customers will seek information about your products, services, or brand, social platforms they favour, technologies they choose to use including mobile devices and how your brand will differentiate in these mediums from your competitors.

Consistency and relevance are key factors in the success of your digital strategy. We'll help you define S.M.A.R.T KPI's that you will be able to achieve through executing your digital strategy. 

It's important to understand that profit and ROI are outcomes of a successful strategy, not the strategy itself. We'll help you create a feedback loop that allows you to meet the goals you set forth in the strategy. By continually evaluating and altering your digital strategy based on the information that you gain from your campaigns and digital initiatives, your will ensure the success of your strategy.

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